Download Subtitles of courses from Pluralsight

This tool help you Download Subtitles of courses from Pluralsight, you need a subscribed account to login.

Step 1. Login Pluralsight and Open any video of course you want to download subtitle.

Step 2. View page source by Ctrl + U or Right click in page and Select “View page source“.

Download Subtitles of courses from Pluralsight

Step 3. Copy all source code and pase it in form below.

Download Subtitles of courses from Pluralsight

Step 4. Take a few time to get file and download.

Comment if you have any issues or give a thanks. Have a nice day!!!

28/04/2022 – Everything work fine

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Mới nhất Cũ hơn Đánh giá
NGUYEN KIM QUAN3 năm trước

Làm sao để download subtitles of courses from Linkedin hay Lynda ạ ?


genius code. thank you.


Thank you, great tool how can I download other languages¡

teddyboy51713 năm trước

get button ok , download no response


Does it can download other languages of subtitle?

ravi teja

6-16-21 .. it is no longer working.. please fix it

youtheshowman2 năm trước

this is the greatest show!


Thanks, It works for almost all courses.
I have an issue with one subtitle’s course. It doesn’t want to download. error missing ) after argument list.
You can send me an email.

Thank you very much for this website.

Emilio E.

Very useful thanks!!! Saved some time instead of writing down notes. What about downloading the videos??


i need a help do download a subtitle

Emilio E.

Allow selecting other languages, please!